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Our office has the capability of doing sessions via Telehealth through our secure
patient portal. We are required to insure that every patient receives the same quality of service via telehealth as they would an in-person session. 
Telehealth FAQ's
  • Call the front office 30 mins prior to your session if you have a copay and do not have a card on file (our bank requires an authorization form to be on file to process payments without card present)

  • Log in a few minutes before the appointment time to set up for the session.

  • Click "Start Telehealth Session" then "I'm Ready" when ready to begin the session

  • Telehealth sessions must take place in a confidential setting and can not be in a moving vehicle

  • Insurance requires the identified client to participate during the entire telehealth session

  • Family sessions require the family to be in one location; patient must be present for telehealth family sessions

  • Call after your session to schedule your next session (let the front know if you would like to do telehealth)

  • Typically, your first session will be in person so your counselor can determine if you are a good candidate for telehealth services. 

To find out if you may be a candidate for our telehealth services, give our office a call today! 

(843) 673-0054

616 S Coit St

Florence, SC 29501

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