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Written by Tai Yancey, MS, LPC

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all of us with new experiences. With so much uncertainty surrounding the virus itself and when things will get back to normal, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and get caught up in a constant state of anxiety. Lives have changed. Many are now unemployed or working from home; children are attending school virtually or only a few days a week, and going out anywhere means mask wearing and social distancing. With all of these adjustments, it's important to be mindful of the state of your own mental health as well as the mental health of those you love.

For me personally, COVID-19 delayed the start of my career. My licensure test date kept getting pushed back; I lost my primary source of income; I struggled to get through the unemployment process, and, like most people, I was isolated at home from my loved ones. But two new habits helped me get through it. First I reminded myself every day to focus on the things I did have control over – to think about the positive side of everything as much as I could. I struggled at times, but I persevered and whenever I got discouraged I reached out to others for a little help along the way. These two things are important to remember: look for the positive and ask for help. I was lucky to have spent my internship with such a great team of counselors and to have a position waiting for me at their office after graduation. The mental health field is essential now more than ever and I look forward to helping people overcome their current struggles, be better prepared for future difficulties, and to achieve a more positive state of mind. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, but it is absolutely worth it! 

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